By: Riccardo del Rosso

How To Get The Home Buying Process Right?

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With new-gained interest from across the GTA, Vaughan has become one of the favorite places to live for GTA families. Coming with numerous conveniences, homebuyers in Vaughan can certainly get good value for top dollar, especially if they are looking for more spacious homes. Since interest in the area has risen, homebuyers also face big competition in the Vaughan real estate market. To get ahead of it, see below how to stay competitive as a homebuyer.

Hire A Real Estate Agent Who Knows What They’re Doing
Homebuyers usually go with the first real estate agent they meet or find on the internet. But, when buying a home you want to live in for the next decade or more, you should probably look for an agent who is passionate about their job, knowledgeable and puts their clients first. Not all agents are the same, and you will need someone not only with experience, but also with a good ear, a great level of empathy (because it is going to be stressful at times), and someone you really trust. A good agent will listen to you, find homes that match your vision and budget and handle the paperwork. You don’t want someone who will try to pin the first best available property on you, but someone who will dig deep to find you what you want.

Don’t Shop For A Home Before Having a Mortgage Pre-Approval
Pre-qualifying for a mortgage may boost your confidence, but bear in mind that it is rather a superficial evaluation that does not guarantee you a mortgage pre-approval. That’s why it is always better to start your search after pocketing a pre-approval. Maybe you will get approved for a higher amount than you thought, maybe it will be less, but having on paper how much money you have at disposal will make the process a whole lot easier.

Factor In Additional Expenses
Buying a home is not just paying for the home itself, but there are also numerous fees, services, taxes, and closing costs you have to cover. Make sure to have a decent sum set aside to be able to pay for all that. Have your agent walk you through the process and explain the details.

Exclude Emotions
When you start visiting homes, you may fall in love with one or the other. Maybe you will be smitten with a great layout or a gorgeous outdoor patio, but don’t let one great home feature blind you. If you need a 3-bedroom home, don’t change your mind when you see a 2-bedroom with the perfect terrace you always wanted. Don’t compromise on the size of a home, structure or location because of a short-term whim. Stay rational at all times, and don’t give in to your emotions.  

Don’t Skip A Home Inspection
When you finally find the one, you need to be sure that everything you see is backed up on paper as well. You may have heard that lots of homebuyers skip this part, but considering the money you are investing, it will be worth your while. You need to be sure that your dream home is truly safe, stable and solid just as it looks like.