By: Riccardo del Rosso

Which Features Are Buyers Nowadays Looking For In A Home?

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Most homebuyers nowadays are millennials, and they’ve set new norms and standards when it comes to top rated features that sell a home. Millennials are all about home efficiency, space utilization, and convenience. To make sure you are on track as a seller with the latest demands and trends in the real estate market, here are a few tips that can help you attract a wider pool of homebuyers.

Vaughan sellers may have the luck to sell in a community that is pretty much sought-after and desirable, but keeping an eye on home appeal is always a good idea. Here are some of the key features, millennial homebuyers are looking for.
Minimalist design and a clean neat look
While baby boomers enjoyed having grandiose furniture pieces, millennial homebuyers are more up for lighter furniture that pertains to minimalism, neutral colour tones, and symmetric shapes, e.g., like a minimalistic couch, a functional or multi-functional dining table a compact  kitchen with preferably energy-efficient appliances and kitchen gadgets. Functional, easy-to-move-around and easy-to-maintain furniture pieces is what attracts today’s homebuyer generation. Times have changed, and millennials do not have the time to attend to home maintenance as much as baby boomers.

Amenities the location offers
Location and amenities have and always will be a key factor that attracts or drives away homebuyers. So, if your neighborhood has great schools, a top-notch restaurant, a nice bakery, a hairdresser’s, fitness studio, jogging/cycling trail, etc., make sure to let potential homebuyers know of the great service they can get right at their doorstep. Vaughan sellers gain an advantage here as well because all Vaughan neighborhoods are pretty self-sufficient with an array of amenities, from parks and conservation areas to reputable schools, good shops, restaurants and golf courses in the immediate surrounding.
Low-maintenance homes and lots of storage
With real estate prices significantly higher today, millennials will be looking for just enough space that meets their needs. Millennials don’t like having an empty room with no purpose, so they are mostly looking for homes where each square foot is perfectly utilized. However, a potential home office space could be high on the list given the nature of many present-day jobs that are done from home.

Another very welcome feature is clever storage solutions especially if homebuyers are looking for a condo. Hidden spaces, drawers and built-in storage is one of the top selling features. As a seller, you can invest in a few smart storage ideas to increase interest in your home. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture and décor will also help attract buyers as millennials simply love low-maintenance homes that require minimum work. Floors and surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain will be highly appreciated. Make sure to reduce your home to a minimalist design as much as possible to score points. For more tips on adding value to your home, click here.

Fresh-looking homes
As a seller, you probably won’t be doing a complete makeover, but accounting for a fresh look should be part of the prep work. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, a new carpet, new stainless steel faucets in the kitchen and the bath, etc., will make your home look fresher and more appealing to today’s homebuyers. Just make sure to invest in the right details, like lighting, new cushions, even a plant. Such details will contribute to the overall appeal of your home and it won’t go unnoticed.
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