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Are You More of a Condo Person or Detached Home Person?

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A few decades ago, owning a single-family home with a big yard was the dream for many homebuyers. Today, we see an equal number of people interested in the condo market, and not only because it is more affordable, but because condo living aligns better with their needs and lifestyle. Moreover, many newer condos in Vaughan, Toronto and other GTA towns and cities were built to fit family needs, whic...Read More

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Getting A Mortgage? Avoid The Following Mistakes

Tags: Mortgages, real estate, buying a home, GTA real estate

Most homebuyers need to rely on a mortgage once they decide to buy a home and most of them know approximately how the process works: you find a lender, you find a good mortgage package and you are good to go if your credit report looks good. However, what many homebuyers are not aware of is that they need to make sure not to attract negative attention during the entire mortgage-obtaining process. ...Read More

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Which Features Are Buyers Nowadays Looking For In A Home?

Tags: Vaughan homebuyers, desirable selling features, GTA REAL ESTATE

Most homebuyers nowadays are millennials, and they’ve set new norms and standards when it comes to top rated features that sell a home. Millennials are all about home efficiency, space utilization, and convenience. To make sure you are on track as a seller with the latest demands and trends in the real estate market, here are a few tips that can help you attract a wider pool of homebuyers. ...Read More

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Where To Live in Vaughan?

Tags: Vaughan communities, Vaughan real estate, Vaughan homes

Vaughan lies in the heart of the GTA and it's GTA's 5th largest city, but what Vaughan is best known for is its tremendous communities and neighbourhoods which all have their own perks. Close to Highway 400 and 427, Vaughan residents enjoy fast access to the bigger GTA cities, while they are still able to pursue a quieter lifestyle in the beautiful homes in one of the Vaughan communities. ...Read More

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Clever Updates That Add Value To Your Home

Tags: adding value to your home, home sellers, homeowners, real estate

Polishing up your home, whether it’s prepping it for sale or for your own comfort, is always exciting, but as a smart homeowner or seller, one has to focus on things that matter the most and the ones that will add certain value to the home in terms of ROI and overall comfort. Updates with little functionality are hard to monetize so play it safe with keeping it simple. Adding value does not ...Read More

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How To Get The Home Buying Process Right?

Tags: Home buying process, Vaughan homebuyers, GTA real estate

With new-gained interest from across the GTA, Vaughan has become one of the favorite places to live for GTA families. Coming with numerous conveniences, homebuyers in Vaughan can certainly get good value for top dollar, especially if they are looking for more spacious homes. Since interest in the area has risen, homebuyers also face big competition in the Vaughan real estate market. To get ahead o...Read More

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How To Land Your Dream Home In A Competitive Market?


The GTA is one of the most vibrant areas when it comes to real estate, and with the spring season in full swing, more homebuyers can be seen looking for a home; and not only in Toronto but also in smaller GTA towns that keep attracting new residents.  If you are also on the hunt, make sure you are aware of the fact that you may have to compete for a home with other fellow buyers. Great listin...Read More

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The Advantages Of Buying A New Build

Tags: New builds vs resale, convenience, advantages, real estate

  Buying a home is an exciting moment in life, whether you are a first-time or repeat buyer. There are many questions that relate to the home buying process, but one of the most common is whether to go with a resale or new construction home. Buying a resale in need of major repairs for a lower price may seem appealing, especially to homebuyers who hope to do a cost-efficient overall upgrade....Read More

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Higher Interest Rates And How Do They Impact Homebuyers?

Tags: Interest rate increases, homebuyers, mortgage, mortgage financing

Canadians have been enjoying low interest rates in the past decade which eventually led to an overcrowded real estate market and a rapid price growth especially in high-in-demand cities like Toronto and Vancouver. To put a stop to it, the government introduced a new and amended housing plan in 2017 followed by an interest rate increase by 0.75% in the second half of 2017. The Bank of Canada increa...Read More

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Why Is Aurora A Great Choice For Family Life?

Tags: Family life, Aurora, Aurora community, Aurora lifestyle

North of Toronto, the small but growing community of Aurora in the York Region is one of the most coveted addresses for families. Ranked among the top 25 places to live in Canada, it is no surprise that Aurora draws the attention of more and more people. Known for well-educated and affluent residents, Aurora’s standard of living is very high which is what many up-sizers who have children or ...Read More